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OVERGantt  operates on MacOS X Catalina with a minimum of 8 gigs of RAM and collaborates with the latest edition of Apple Numbers spreadsheet software.

A PC with Windows 10 and VMware or VirtualBox will also run OVERGantt. 

AiCloud account enables automatic collaboration in real-time and off-line between team members.
It supports Mac OSX, iPadOS, iOS, Windows 10 and Android. 

Note: MacOS X Catalina, Numbers and iCloud are free from Apple.

So why is it on a Mac? Check out this post on LinkedIn


Upon completing the purchase process, an email will be sent that includes:

  • OVERGantt.dmg file
  • 4 minute installation video
  • 30 minute ‘Working with OVERGantt’ instructional video.