About Us


EndFirst Plans and the development of OVERGantt is based on 25 years of project planning and scheduling experience. Using manual diagramming tools and a unique set of methods, our clients always preferred the process and the improved results they experienced.

However, the number one question always asked… “is there no software that can replicate these tools and methods?” The answer was ‘no, we’re waiting for that to happen.’ But it never did. Many of our clients tried to build their own software, without success.

OVERGantt is the result of 4 years of development. Its key breakthrough is the profound capability of discovering… and verifying … the vast array of task links and doing this more efficiently and accurately than anything else available.

Here’s why it does what it does as well as it does.

There are two primary components in a project execution plan:

  1. A graphical presentation, or ‘roadmap’, to visually display the logic, schedule and overall coordination between all the tasks.
  2. A spreadsheet to collect, catalogue and manage all the project data. And there's a lot of data!

The Traditional approach ...

  1. Starts on the left-hand side of the the plan and initiates the process by populating a spreadsheet with data.
  2. That spreadsheet then most commonly produces the ‘roadmap’ in the form of a bar chart.

OVERGantt approaches the challenge from a completely different direction… literally! This software uses ‘reverse engineering planning’ methods, or what we call ‘EndFirst’ planning.

The OVERGantt approach…

  1. Begins on the right-hand side of the plan and initiates the planning process by creating a digital, time-scaled, dependency diagram.
  2. The data is then ‘harvested’ out of the diagram to create the spreadsheet!
    (Just pause and reflect for a moment to compare the significance between these two approaches.)
  • The planning process is incredibly efficient and reduces the planning effort dramatically. Reports of 50% less time are common.
  • Task links are discovered more quickly, more accurately and more completely than any other application available. In addition, each of those precious links are verified by an audio augmented feedback process.
  • OVERGantt allows for maximum team collaboration throughout the project planning process and presents an incredibly clear ‘roadmap’ that everyone can grasp and comprehend.
  • The learning curve is measured in a few hours. With a basic understanding of spreadsheets along with common gestures used on any phone or tablet, 95% of the work involves only two keystroke combinations. There is a grand-total of only 12 commands.
  • OVERGantt is designed to augment your current project planning software, exporting directly into MS Project, Primavera P6 and Merlin Project.